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Amiga & AROS It seems like only yesterday, but in fact it's already six months ago. July last year, we published our review of AmigaOS 4.1 running on ACube's sam440ep motherboard, and here we are, six months later, and Hyperion has released AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1. This free update brings with it quite a number of new features, and since I still have the sam440ep on my desk, I could test the new features first-hand.
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RE[3]: Nice
by thavith_osn on Wed 27th Jan 2010 02:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Nice"
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When did everything here became about the mythical average Joes, about money and market shares?

The crappy i386 netbooks are just fine for Joe Citizens and no one expects them to buy a machine that runs AmigaOS. Heck, even Linux was too much for them.

In a way you kind of answered your own question.

The way I got to Joe Citizen is because, in order for an OS to become an alternative contender (I take alternative as not hobby, but an alternative to Windows) Joe Citizen needs to use it, in big enough numbers (millions) for it to gain any traction at all...

I might be wrong, but I don't believe there are millions of geeks out there, and even if there are, we will all soon dry up. For an OS like Amiga or Linux or Mac to be an alternative to Windows, it needs to be taken up by the masses, by the Joes and Janets of this world.

As you noted, Amiga OS 4.1 will not be running on the crappy i386 netbooks anytime soon, so Joe won't be buying Amiga there.

It won't be running on the laptops and desktops you buy either. So how is it going to be a contender?

I keep referring to Apple, but I think they are the perfect model in this case. They had an OS that only lived on PPC. The Mac had a lot more software and a dedicated following (which Amiga has all but lost since the late 80's and early 90's), but still it struggled for market share. I think it is slowly gaining that now, bit by bit, but it's a struggle. However, look at the iPod and iPhone and the market shares they have in their respective markets...

This is why I (and no doubt others) have argued that Amiga OS needs to be positioned differently, at least till it gains some traction anyway... I am sure that is the plan looking at the design of the OS. I think the window manager is just a nice layer, but the real selling point will be the OS underneath. It's light, small and fast.

Amiga OS 4.1 as a contender in the Hobbyist market "right now" is another matter...

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RE[4]: Nice
by Raffaele on Wed 27th Jan 2010 03:43 in reply to "RE[3]: Nice"
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Amiga OS 4.1 will not be running on the crappy i386 netbooks anytime soon, so Joe won't be buying Amiga there. It won't be running on the laptops and desktops you buy either. So how is it going to be a contender?

Well AmigaOS 4.x can't... But AROS ICaros Desktop iMica netbook does it... ;)

And OMG... This iMica thingie sports all the Joe User Joe Citizen does on Winnet Intel Atom machines...

- Origyn Web Browser for Aros (Webkit Safari engine)

(And it surf uses Google Suite Office too)

- Email Client

- IM and chat programs

- Graphics Programs

- MPlayer Entertainment Software

(MPlayer can play most movie formats and also play MP3 music files, put a DVD in the drive and watch a movie, play an audio CD, or transfer your albums to your new Aros system.)

- E-UAE and AmiBridge

(To run any Motorla 68K still useful Amiga sofware)


Also we in Amiga are very curious if it will suitable as AmigaOS platform the 199 US$ PPC Based Netbooks "LIME PC"

Sure a PPC core based netbook running AmigaOS rather than Linux will leave in the dust any Intel Atom runnng at same clock speed.


Despite of the fact many people believe that Amigans are a bunch of nostalgic people we are seriously discussing any alternative about our systems future and any alternative to PPC.
Google search on Internet and/or take a look at discussions like these (there are plenty of them on Amiga sites):

But IMHO converting AmigaOS in IntelX86 code, then it will mean that then AmigaOS will be just one of the "others" alternative to Wintel solution and piracy will hit & destroy AmigaOS immediately.

In the meanwhile the AmigaOS must fill various gaps with other operating systems like Windows and MacOS X, such as it should first gain Multi-User capabilities and SMP (Simmetrical Multi Processing) feature to run on multicore systems.

So in the meanwhile the PPC world it is still a confortable niche in which to grow (A secure pool) without being harasssed by intel based (so called Mainstream) big sharks Operating Systems (which are diving large at sea).

When AmigaOS will be sufficient mature, then it could be interesting to leave PPC world and seek for Intel and/or ARM based platforms.

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RE[4]: Nice
by 7valleys on Fri 29th Jan 2010 03:35 in reply to "RE[3]: Nice"
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The iPhone and iPod work against your argument. They're both specially purposed devices that do what they do extremely we and present the consumer with a polished, clean way to accomplish a limited range of tasks.

It argues against the A-Eon approach of trying to find some bit of hardware and trying to get people to find out ways to use it...

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