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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu For the longest time, the default search provider in Ubuntu Linux has been Google, but this is going to change in the next release, Lucid Lynx, scheduled to release April 29. The change comes after Canonical has signed a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo!, so you can imagine who the new default search provider will be.
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RE: Does not affect me either
by righard on Wed 27th Jan 2010 16:01 UTC in reply to "Does not affect me either"
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The fact that Ubuntu is based on Debian does not make in less "real". Same as humands are not less real than apes.

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spiderman Member since:
Ubuntu is not exactly a fork from debian. Ubuntu IS debian. And I'm not saying that in any negative way. They make very nice wallpapers and the icons are pretty. It's better that way. They would be very wrong to fork Debian indeed. I like Ubuntu actually, I think they do really interesting stuff, like the shipit program. I just don't use it, I use Debian instead.

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It was my understanding that Ubuntu and Debian did not share repositories, and used a slightly different and incompatible .deb format (I learned that the hard way when I actually tried to install a .deb for Debian on an Ubuntu machine, stupidly, and broke apt). At that point, I think we can say that Ubuntu is a fork of Debian, by any reasonable definition of the term.

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