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Apple In what everybody already saw coming for weeks (months) now, Apple has just unveiled its latest product, a tablet called the iPad. Basically a bigger version of the iPhone, Steve Jobs presented the iPad during a press event in San Francisco. The most interesting news? It's powered by... An Apple processor, called the A4. The most shocking news? The price.
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RE: Price
by boldingd on Wed 27th Jan 2010 20:14 UTC in reply to "Price"
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That price is just not low enough for me. There's lots of things I use computers for, that I cannot use this thing to do (including type!). $499 may be an aggressive, impressively low price point given the production cost for the device, but it's just not low enough for me to be willing to pay it for a device on which I cannot effectively work, type large amounts of text, or play my beloved Team Fortress 2.

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RE[2]: Price
by kragil on Wed 27th Jan 2010 21:15 in reply to "RE: Price"
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$499 only sounds good because all Apple products are really expensive and every Apple pundit expected $899 or ยง999.

But let's face it. It is a 10 inch screen + a ARM-like CPU + 16 GB of flash + some RAM (how much?) + cool aluminum body.

$499 is not great for that hardware. $299 would have been.

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RE[3]: Price
by bert64 on Wed 27th Jan 2010 21:28 in reply to "RE[2]: Price"
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499 is the initial early adopter price, how quickly will that price drop? (remember the original iphones?)...

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RE[3]: Price
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 27th Jan 2010 21:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Price"
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Compare that with the price of unlocked cell phones. A Google nexus unlocked is around $530 for a similar speed processor.

I'm still not sure its a great deal. Should a bigger screen cost more, like in TV's? Or does small size carry a premium?

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RE[3]: Price
by testman on Wed 27th Jan 2010 21:59 in reply to "RE[2]: Price"
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$499 is not great for that hardware. $299 would have been.

It's a luxury item. You don't need one if you already have a computer so why stop at $299? Why not just sell them for $10 a unit and throw in a free set of steak knives for the first fifty callers? :-)

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