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Google Finally! Google has released version 4.0 of Chrome for Windows, bringing the much-anticipated extensions framework out of beta and into the stable channel. Currently, more than 1500 extensions are already available. Version 4.0 carries more features than just extensions, though.
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RE[4]: Version Marketing?
by Fergy on Thu 28th Jan 2010 07:58 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Version Marketing?"
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If by "marketing" you mean "simpler," then I guess so. Since it's all arbitrary, you might as well cut the modesty and estimation and decimals, and just increment by one every time. Let people who care read the release notes if they want to find out "how much" has changed.

Firefox 1.0: first real release with nice extension manager
Firefox 1.5: great update manager and a big improvement to extension mananger
Firefox 2.0: spellcheck, session restore, phishing protection
Firefox 3.0: faster javascript, resume download, tab scrolling, awesomebar, Full page zoom, better password management, bookmark tags, much lower memory usage
Firefox 3.5: faster javascript, HTML5 <video><audio><Drag and drop><offline>, improved awesomebar
Firefox 3.6: faster javascipt, improved HTML5 like video, personas

Chrome 1.0: fast startup, fast javascript, fast rendering
Chrome 2.0: ehm?
Chrome 3.0: ehm? extensions?
Chrome 4.0: ehm? something like personas?

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