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Apple Yes, yes, I apologise. After Kroc's story earlier today, and together with this one, we now have three stories in a row on the Ipad iPad (sorry, I can't ban camel case from OSNews just yet). So, what are we going to do? Predictions? Criticism? More details? No - I want to explain what I think the differences are between the introduction of the iPod and the iPhone, and that of the iPad.
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This will sell....
by nathbeadle on Thu 28th Jan 2010 19:54 UTC
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There are a lot of people out there that haven't heard about the iPad yet or seen it.. but once they do, I can see this really taking with them.

Grandparents, kids, those who haven't had computers before... practically anyone who just wants to use something for the "lifestyle" factors (surfing, email, calendar/contacts, photos, and possible some office).

You're getting a device that can sit in a dock with a keyboard that is essentially a desktop.. and anytime you want to do something you just point and touch it. No viruses, automatic updating, games and other useful software. And if you need to take it to another room to show photos or use for internet.. you just pick it up.

For me, I like computers.. configuring, troubleshooting, etc. But for many, this could be a game changer

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