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Web 2.0 Wolfire writes: "Today, Apple announced the new iPad and humbly claimed that there will be a "gold rush" of native apps for the App Store. Sure, but what I find more interesting is that Apple also ironically created the most promising open web app platform, which may eventually undermine the App Store itself. [...] The iPad is the first mainstream device which combines all of the following factors: reasonably powerful hardware, a (potentially) huge user base, a mature WebKit implementation, and constant 3G internet capabilities. All the dominoes are in place, and I think that the iPad will knock the first one down."
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Apple's strategy
by cycoj on Fri 29th Jan 2010 02:22 UTC
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I think what we can see now is where Apple is going. They are moving more and more into the direction to become a full gateway. What they have achieved with the IPhone and the AppStore is to make themselves the gatekeeper to what you can do on your computer. I think they started with ITunes, but with the AppStore they have become the gatekeeper to not only content but Apps as well. I think with the IPad it shows that they want to move general computing into the same direction. In a way they are going more head-to-head with Google than Microsoft. Google wants to be the gatekeeper to your information, mainly leveraged on open standards. Apple realised they will have to find a way not to give Google that position, are trying to become the gatekeeper for all your computing and they are leveraging their hardware popularity. They were smarter than MS, who are trying to go directly head-to-head against Google (Bing), instead they are setting they lever deeper to "outlever" (is that an english word?) google.
I disagree that Apple are going to be the spearhead for new standards based webapps, that is against their strategy, because they would give Google more power. Look at Apples approach to the internet and Blogs for example. They are total control-freaks, they can't stand not being able to control what is being said about them (they succeeded very well in all the hype around the IPad).

The big conflict in the future will be between Google and Apple MS has missed it.

Forgot to add, the Apple TV also showed Apples desire for control and their strategy quite nicely. Fortunately it failed.

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