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Hardware, Embedded Systems And yet another item on the iPad? Are we serious? Yes, we are, since this one is about something that even geeks who aren't interested in the iPad itself should find intriguing. Steve Jobs said yesterday that the iPad is powered by an Apple A4 processor, but contrary to what many seem to think - it wasn't designed in-house at all.
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RE[3]: windows 7 on ARM?
by garyd on Fri 29th Jan 2010 17:31 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: windows 7 on ARM?"
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I'm sure their Windows 7 Mobile is running on ARM.

Their mobile OS has been available on SuperH, ARM, and MIPS since it first released ten years ago as it's based on WinCE which runs on the same three architectures plus x86. With more ARM netbooks coming out I can see the desire for Microsoft to make Win7 available for those platforms only if it will sell a lot of copies. As it is, they're not exactly hurting for market share or money.


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