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Microsoft Microsoft presented the results for its second quarter of the 2010 fiscal year yesterday, which ended on December 29 2009. As it turns out, thanks to sales of Windows 7, Microsoft experienced a record quarter, which is especially welcome after the previous two lacklustre ones. It sold 60 million Windows 7 licenses during this record quarter.
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RE[2]: Stagnation
by fukudasan on Sat 30th Jan 2010 03:18 UTC in reply to "RE: Stagnation"
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Yes, as a non-Windows user I'm sure you have much more productive ways to use your time. Like fighting with NDIS wrapper because Linux is too insignificant for wireless hardware makers to support. Or sitting idle while waiting for a replacement Mac motherboard because you can't just go buy a new one at Staples, unlike every other computer around.

I really don't want to get caught up in these silly arguments, but . . . NDISwrapper? When I bought my laptop a couple of years ago it had the wifi gubbins installed under XP (I deliberately chose not to buy Vista) and it took me a full month to get the thing working with my (also brand new) wifi router. This a RaLink wifi card with native (for XP) RaLink software.

In contrast, Mandriva 2007 came out about the same time, I installed it in the ext3 partition previously occupied by MDV 2006, and guess what? Worked first time, "out of the box". Never had any trouble with it at all. Now it has MDV 2010 with KDE 4.3.x and KDE is also working fine (although some of you may recall how long and loudly I used to complain about it).

Perhaps some distros don't work so well with wifi but Mandriva cannot be accused of not working on the problem. Clearly not all distros are created equal - but that knowledge does not appear to prevent unfair or illogical comparisons.

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