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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless During the iPad presentation, I was rather perplexed by Apple's claim to be the largest mobile device company in the world. Apparently, I wasn't the only one scratching his head, as Nokia itself, and even the Financial Times, is calling Apple out on its juggling with figures and definitions.
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Where's the news?
by siraf72 on Sat 30th Jan 2010 06:24 UTC
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Steve Jobs cranking up reality distortion fields is to be expected at these events isn't it??

Anyway, laptops and mp3 players are also clearly mobile devices. The fact that Nokia felt it necessary to call Apple out shows how insecure they are feeling.

Anyone surprised by this Apple claim obviously hasn't been paying attention to anything Apple has said over the last 15 years. Bloody, hell. Apple used the words "Rip, mix, burn" as if it were the first to think of it. Its just marketing.

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