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Microsoft Microsoft presented the results for its second quarter of the 2010 fiscal year yesterday, which ended on December 29 2009. As it turns out, thanks to sales of Windows 7, Microsoft experienced a record quarter, which is especially welcome after the previous two lacklustre ones. It sold 60 million Windows 7 licenses during this record quarter.
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RE: A sad day for the world
by buurtnerd on Sat 30th Jan 2010 09:31 UTC in reply to "A sad day for the world"
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Of course everyone saying something a little negative about MS gets a negative rating.

Unfortunately MS is a monopolist. Monopolism is a crime, and everyone supporting MS encourages criminal activities. Luckily I don't give a damn about my kudo-score on any forum, I just speak my mind and embrace freedom of speech.

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RE[2]: A sad day for the world
by mightshade on Sat 30th Jan 2010 21:42 in reply to "RE: A sad day for the world"
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Well, you didn't say anything about MS at all. Instead, you generously insulted anyone who paid for their copy of Windows 7. Don't tell me you can't grasp the difference.
So, offending people gets you modded down. Or punched in the face, in real life. It's that easy. Embrace that.

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RE[2]: A sad day for the world
by graigsmith on Sun 31st Jan 2010 16:24 in reply to "RE: A sad day for the world"
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clearly the reason why it's selling well is because people want windows 7.

linux on the other hand is not something people want. unless it's on my android phone ;) i love my android phone.

but hey, i gave linux a try for my desktop os. i used ubuntu for 2 years. eventually i went back to windows. why? simple. Windows is better. you can do things like actually install software, without recompiling half of your system. if your video driver crashes in linux, your screwed (the proprietary video drivers for linux are horrible, but i don't care who's fault it is, i don't want a system that crashes). if it crashes in vista or 7. then it just reloads the driver, and tells you it crashed, and to go get an updated driver.

linux is just not a good system for desktop pc's. it's hard to update. linux is however good for phones. once you get it slimmed down and have just the drivers you need. it's tiny. fast. and stable. and android phones are awesome.

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BluenoseJake Member since:

Freedom of speech? to insult every bodies choices, based on their needs? You have the right to say it sure, and we have the right to mod you down and insult you right back.

I paid for my copy of Windows 7, and I also run Debian. The right tool for the job. Linux can't do everything.

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