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Microsoft Microsoft presented the results for its second quarter of the 2010 fiscal year yesterday, which ended on December 29 2009. As it turns out, thanks to sales of Windows 7, Microsoft experienced a record quarter, which is especially welcome after the previous two lacklustre ones. It sold 60 million Windows 7 licenses during this record quarter.
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RE: Best selling? yaaaawn!
by bnolsen on Sat 30th Jan 2010 20:18 UTC in reply to "Best selling? yaaaawn!"
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Not to mention aero tanks performance. A customer bought a core i7 laptop to demo our software on and mentioned that the software ran noticeably faster with all the effects tirned off. I generally don't notice since I turn all the crap off when building a dev box.

Network performance on windows 7 is still really really bad, running multi threaded processing apps makes the machine totally unusable (dual socket core i7s with 24GB ram). The default security model is a pain in the ass. I honestly see zero difference between vista, 2k8 and windows 7.

That being said I do all my dev work on linux, then compile and test on windows. The high performance stuff customers run on linux, any network filesystem access makes the windows stuff run at 6% system cpu capacity while the same setup with linux will run the cpus 100% (with corresponding speedup)

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