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Hardware, Embedded Systems And yet another item on the iPad? Are we serious? Yes, we are, since this one is about something that even geeks who aren't interested in the iPad itself should find intriguing. Steve Jobs said yesterday that the iPad is powered by an Apple A4 processor, but contrary to what many seem to think - it wasn't designed in-house at all.
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RE: Misinformation
by JAlexoid on Sun 31st Jan 2010 01:21 UTC in reply to "Misinformation"
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2.) They say Apple uses an ARM Mali graphics processor and fail to realize that it would be at least remarkable if Apple really used a slower GPU than what they could buy from PowerVR, considering they own 10% of that company (Imagination Technologies).

There is this thing called Time-To-Market. Since they did not go with an existing chip, they must have cut corners somewhere.

3.) They really compare Steve Jobs to Joseph Goebbels(!!) This alone makes them untrustworthy.

You have a problem with Goebbels abilities in the field of propaganda? They had at least half of Germany brainwashed for 12 years! If Jobs had even half of Goebbels talent, we would all use Macs.
Your point is as invalid, as stating that since Hitler was that bad, his artistic talents were negated.(He was a very talented painter BTW.)

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