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Internet & Networking Despite the recent interest in adopting HTML5's video tag, there is still one major problem: there is no mandated standard video codec for the video tag. The two main contestants are the proprietary and patended h264, and the open and free Theora. In a comment on an article about this problematic situation, LWN reader Trelane posted an email exchange he had with MPEG-LA, which should further cement Theora as the obvious choice.
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RE: No problem with Theora
by computeruser on Sun 31st Jan 2010 17:45 UTC in reply to "No problem with Theora"
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Ok, theora has inferior quality in respect to h264? It needs further development, not so much of a problem after all.

The potential for Theora improvement is limited. Theora is based on the ten year old VP3, and the Theora bitstream format was frozen in 2004, and is missing some similar features to more modern video encoding standards (VC-1, H.264, even newer On2 codecs), so any further improvement comes only from improving the encoder. But H.264 encoders improve too; in fact, there are enough users of H.264 that there's competition.

h264 is hardware accelerated? hey, we have gpgpu so we can accelerate theora too

This does not work in the millions of already deployed embedded devices with no 3D acceleration, but with a H.264 decoder.

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Short-sightedness abound.

Yes, there are problems now - but I'd rather face those solvable problems NOW than having to deal with lock-in down the line.

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