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Internet & Networking Despite the recent interest in adopting HTML5's video tag, there is still one major problem: there is no mandated standard video codec for the video tag. The two main contestants are the proprietary and patended h264, and the open and free Theora. In a comment on an article about this problematic situation, LWN reader Trelane posted an email exchange he had with MPEG-LA, which should further cement Theora as the obvious choice.
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RE: OSNews, Do Not Forget Audio
by Zifre on Sun 31st Jan 2010 22:07 UTC in reply to "OSNews, Do Not Forget Audio"
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I believe that audio is in a slightly better situation than video.

I think that, for example, the iPhone easily has the power to decode Vorbis/Speex/FLAC in software. This means that the hardware argument for video doesn't matter.

Vorbis is also very high quality, definitely better than MP3 (and Speex obviously beets them all for speech, and FLAC obviously has the best quality, but larger file sizes). This invalidates the quality argument.

I don't know about patents, but I doubt they are much of a problem for Vorbis (it is fairly well known). Also, audio codecs are quite a bit simpler than video codecs, so there are less patents on them.

This means that the only thing stopping adoption of free audio formats is online store support and player support. Both of these are political issues, rather than technical issues like with video.

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The iPhone certainly has the power to decode Ogg Vorbis. I use a music streaming service called Spotify on my Mac and iPhone and it uses Ogg Vorbis as its audio format (probably due to the lack of licensing fees).

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