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Podcasts Back in August of 2009, the OSnews team spent 3 full hours discussing Apple. In the course of discussion, we spent some time talking about the then-mythical "Apple Tablet." So, 5 months later, how did we do? Were we accurate in our predictions? How did you envision the Tablet, long before the nonsensically named "iPad" became a reality? This clip, which I've called "Episode 20.x" and inserted into cannon retroactively, is pulled, unaltered, from the original podcast.
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I don't get the statment that windows isn't designed for touch. Windows 7 isn't a stripped down mobile operating system that is crippled with limited functions like the Iphone OS. It's a full operating that was designed with touch in mind. It's old thinking from the late 90's that mobile means one or two functions per device.

If at any point, I am expected to navigate through hierarchical menus, activate poorly spaced 16 pixel square buttons in a toolbar, or drag a scrollbar thumb control with my finger, then the OS has failed at touch.

Tacking touch support onto the standard Windows interface in 2010 is like trying to build a desktop UI on a character mode terminal in 1985. The model is entirely different.

It also goes deeper than just touch. Apple is banking on the idea that people prefer content and services over files and applications. The question isn't whether or not they are wrong-- they're not. The question is how long it will take everyone else to catch up.

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