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Windows Heck, Microsoft really weren't kidding when they said Windows 7 was the fastest-selling operating system in the world. NetApplications released its figures for January 2010, and it seems that after only three months of availability, Microsoft's latest baby has already hit the 10% market share mark.
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RE[2]: Why is this a supprise?
by Laurence on Wed 3rd Feb 2010 15:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Why is this a supprise?"
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I tried to switch to Windows 7 from XP. It was a disaster. Not because W7 is that bad, but because a lot of (a bit) older hard- and software just wont run with W7.

You see - I use a DAW with rather expensive hardware that wont run reliable on W7 (and believe me - I tried a lot of possible solutions). I also use a lot of VST plugins that give a lot of trouble on W7. The new sound architecture of W7 also has caused huge latency problems with audio and MIDI recording, making W7 almost useless. I had sudden crashes when working with huge projects (presumably caused by plugins, driver or whatever). That's a disaster when you have to deliver work on time, but only huge latency alone is enough to give a big fat NO to W7.

So at this moment (and a long time in the foreseeable future I am afraid) my DAW is not going to be "transplanted" to W7. I going to stay with XP.

The rest of the hardware, computers (and second DAW) etc. is running Mandriva Linux and puppy. You can be sure that stuff absolutely is not going to switch to W7. That would be loosing too much functionality and a step back in my opinion.

I really not bashing W7 here, but at this moment I feel it is not ready for really serious work with the hardware I have. And spending a huge amount of dollars to buy new hardware that will work with W7 is no reasonable option, don't you think?

If music is your business then there's nothing to be gained from upgrading from XP simply because DAWs plus VST(i)s are power hungry so you're going to want as small footprint on the OS as possible.

If your studio PC is also your home PC, then the best option is to run 2 OSs. One dedicated for music (so doesn't even have an anti-virus installed) and one for the web, games, or whatever else you choose to do with your computer.

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