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Windows Heck, Microsoft really weren't kidding when they said Windows 7 was the fastest-selling operating system in the world. NetApplications released its figures for January 2010, and it seems that after only three months of availability, Microsoft's latest baby has already hit the 10% market share mark.
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RE[3]: Why is this a supprise?
by nt_jerkface on Wed 3rd Feb 2010 20:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Why is this a supprise?"
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I really do wonder why there are people out there still defending Vista as a good operating system. Is the only OS you have ever used Vista? Vista was and is a truely shocking OS, which ever way you look at it!

And yet there has been a clear lack of specific complaints after SP2.

I have 2 Toshiba laptops and one is running Vista, the other 7. The performance differences are minimal. I can take pictures of them if you would like.

Various benchmarks around the web show the same. Vista was bad at the start but was fixed with service packs. XP often still wins (but barely) in various cpu-dependent benchmarks.

Try thinking for yourself instead of just following the crowd. The crowd is often wrong from its natural resistance to re-analyze established positions.

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Soulbender Member since:

I'm surprised some of you reasonable Windows proponents keep defending morons like rockwell.

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nt_jerkface Member since:

I wasn't defending anyone, I was responding to deviwhatever.

I'm not a Windows proponent, but I do prefer it on the desktop to the alternatives. I am a fan of Anders Hejlsberg though.

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rockwell Member since:

And I'm a moron, for calling him out? You're a dumbass. Please package up your computer and send it back, because you're too stupid to use one.

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