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Microsoft Now this is something you don't read every day. Dick Brass, vice president at Microsoft from 1997 to 2004, has written an article for The New York Times' Op-Ed section, detailing the flaws in Microsoft's corporate culture, and how they've severely affected the company in a negative way. Telling, and painful. And, in a way, very sad. Update: Microsoft responds. "For Microsoft, it is not sufficient to simply have a good idea, or a great idea, or even a cool idea. We measure our work by its broad impact."
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You should read some of the exhibits from the Comes case.... Yeah, they're not evil at all.

He doesn't want to. If he did, he'd realize what a sleazy company he really works for. That's why Microsoft tried to get the Comes emails removed asap. (Too late, they were saved and are available at Groklaw.)

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Where those last two comments direct at me or add-on comments directed at the MS employee I responded too?

(Even Mr Gates court transcript makes a good read but demonstrates a level self-entitlement and lack of respect for the court that anyone with a lesser legal budget wouldn't have gotten away with.)

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