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Gentoo I've been wanting to try Gentoo for some time, but always had to roll my eyes at the pages and pages of installation instructions. This time, however, I rolled up my sleeves and buckled down. Minutes later, I was on my way.
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apples to oranges
by re_re on Thu 6th Oct 2005 01:16 UTC
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Comparing Slack to Gentoo is like comparing apples to oranges.

Gentoo is not supposed to be a turn key system, you are supposed to manually configure every aspect of the system (that is it's selling point and it's downfall). Upon completion of all the configuration you have a almost 100% hands off system.

Slack on the other hand is a turn key distro

nothing wrong with either but... they have different target audiences.

I personally use Gentoo, not because I think it is the best distro, but because 1.) I know it, and 2.) in my experience it has the best 64 bit support of any linux distro.

just my experience, anyway, not flaming, I just don't think it's a fair comparison

a better comparison would be Gentoo/Arch/Debian

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RE: apples to oranges
by on Thu 6th Oct 2005 10:15 in reply to "apples to oranges"
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yep, 64bits support in gentoo is awesome.
It just works like if i was running 32bits but im fully 64bits. no glitches.

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