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Graphics, User Interfaces You may remember that back in November last year, I wrote about the lack of a decent Paint.NET-like application for Linux (or, more specifically, for Gtk+ distributions, since Qt has Krita). As it turns out, this compelled Novell employee Jonathan Pobst to code a Paint.NET clone in Gtk+ using Cairo. Version 0.1 is here, and it's remarkably advanced for something so young.
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RE: valanator
by bralkein on Mon 8th Feb 2010 19:46 UTC in reply to "valanator"
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Apparently they reused a lot of code from the original Paint .NET so obviously that wouldn't have been possible if they had gone with Vala instead.

I know what you mean though, I don't actually believe that there is much risk with Mono what with the MS community promises and everything, but even I would think twice before using it just because of the amount of hysteria surrounding the whole thing. Choosing Vala would probably be a more politically astute choice in many situations. Oh, and there is always C of course, but only for the real masochists ;)

P.S. This isn't a dig against Mono, I actually think C# is a decent language, but the stinky FUD cloud IS present and I personally would want to avoid it.

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RE[2]: valanator
by jstedfast on Mon 8th Feb 2010 22:26 in reply to "RE: valanator"
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If you let them bully you out of using your preferred language, then the FUDsters win (they're just like terrorists - their goal is to terrorize you into using what they want instead of what YOU want). If they see that they get what they want, then what's to stop them from endlessly FUDing something else until we're left with nothing?

Don't let the FUDsters rob you of your freedom.

Use the language/framework that YOU want to use. Don't let them bully you into using something else.

(That goes for ANY language preference - whether it be Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, F#, D, Scheme, whatever).

Don't let anonymous cowards on the internet bully you.

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RE[3]: valanator
by bralkein on Tue 9th Feb 2010 01:08 in reply to "RE[2]: valanator"
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I don't think I'm being bullied if I make a decision based on the reality that a significant number of people are anti-Mono for whatever reason. If it could affect the success of a project, it's worth taking into account. For some projects C#/Mono might still be the best solution even after factoring in the controversy. But other peoples opinions do make a difference, so they have to be taken into account, even if you don't agree with them. It's just being practical.

Also, you talk about "FUDsters" like it's all some sort of singular, concerted effort. I don't think that's necessarily the case, I think that a bunch of people just happen to share the same concerns.

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