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Web 2.0 A quick round up of various web-related news items. First up, a new open source product entitled the "Highgate media suite" will bring OGG video decoding to Silverlight. Microsoft have just joined the SVG working group (arguably 10 years late, but it's better than nothing). Adobe promise significant improvements in Flash 10.1, including Core Animation rendering on OS X and lowered CPU usage. Finally, CoperLicht--a WebGL JavaScript 3D engine (Quake in JS will be here one day)
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RE[5]: Video for everybody
by anda_skoa on Mon 8th Feb 2010 20:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Video for everybody"
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But they have been much better to Linux than Adobe has ever been. If you recall there was a long period where Flash in Linux was a full version behind and Adobe didn't care at all.

I am not sure I get this right.
Are they treating Linux better than Adobe because they haven't released a Linux version at all or because it is now 3 full versions behind?

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