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KDE And there we are, the KDE team has released KDE Software Compilation 4.4, formerly known as, well, KDE. Major new features include social networking and online collaboration integration, the new netbook interface, the KAuth authentication framework, and a lot more.
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thank you!
by poundsmack on Tue 9th Feb 2010 19:36 UTC
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This is a phenomenal release. thank you KDE team. also, the netbook interface is very nice in this release, fast and polished.

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RE: thank you!
by sakeniwefu on Thu 11th Feb 2010 13:33 in reply to "thank you!"
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KDE is getting to be quite good.

It is stable and responsive, and that matters to me.
Recent versions don't really look any worse than Mac OS X either if you care about that. IMO, after playing a bit with a Mac, it seems obvious that both KDE and Gnome are heavily inspired on Mac OS(The stupid control panel for example).

But while Gnome, well, is Gnome, the latest KDE does a better job in keeping the useless eye-candy from affecting usability negatively.

Now C++ and very few not quite excellent apps and applets are the only items remaining on my minus list.

If I had to recommend a Linux Desktop, without any doubt, it would have to be a KDE distribution.

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RE[2]: thank you!
by GiantTalkingCow on Sat 13th Feb 2010 18:04 in reply to "RE: thank you!"
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Don't look any worse than OS X? Well, yes and no. Certainly, KDE 4.4 is up to par when it comes to themes (Oxygen has really matured into something attractive and unobtrusive) and catching up fast when it comes to desktop effects (the timing seems just a bit off, still), but when it comes to icons, layout, and especially default fonts and spacing, it needs a lot of work. Sane and attractive defaults matter quite a bit, especially when a user's not able or willing to root around in the various config dialogues to tweak them.

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