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Apple While some potential users of the iPad may be put off by such things as its lack of multi-tasking, which they might have expected on a device this size, the device may prove highly useful to users with varying disabilities. Ms Ricky Buchanan runs the ATMac website, which is dedicated to accessibility issues with Apple products.
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RE[2]: Nice
by IndigoJo on Wed 10th Feb 2010 11:05 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice"
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Have to say that articles on disability and the iPad strike me about as interesting as articles about Web browsing and OSX, or email and Windows. What is interesting is not the Apple part or iPad connection, but the subject proper.

Sometimes this stuff reminds you of a small time newspaper in which every story seems to be about Nether Wallop, and so we have headlines like 'Global Warming, why it will not hurt Nether Wallop', 'World War II as seen from Nether Wallop', 'Michael Jackson dies outside Nether Wallop', or 'Nuclear War in the Middle East but not in Nether Wallop'. Stop it with this Nether Wallop stuff for goodness' sake!

I've been to Nether Wallop. It's a small village in England with an army base.

I know this site isn't mainly focussed on accessibility issues, but computers and the internet are a lifeline for people with disabilities and many of them need adaptations. Some people can't use a normal computer for one reason or another. I am not disabled myself and have no intention of buying an iPad as I would expect a device this size to run something meatier than a mobile phone OS and have multi-tasking, but clearly it will answer a lot of people's needs even if not mine or yours.

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RE[3]: Nice
by alcibiades on Wed 10th Feb 2010 14:38 in reply to "RE[2]: Nice"
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I agree completely about the importance of accessibility, and the interest of more articles about it, particularly from an experienced user point of view. The better informed we are, the more accessible we can make the systems we're responsible for, probably with little extra effort, just a bit more understanding and information.

I was being a bit snarky about the idea of this subject being treated as a feature of the wretched iPad, when its so important in its own right.

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