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Opera Software As should be common knowledge by now, Apple is very restrictive and sometimes quite arbitrary in managing its App Store. One thing is clear, though: fat chance there's going to be an alternative browser in the App Store (i.e., one that doesn't use WebKit). Mozilla didn't even bother to submit Fennec, but Opera is going head-to-head with Apple: the Norwegian browser maker has announced Opera Mini for the iPhone, but has not yet submitted it for approval.
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Comment by Creap
by Creap on Wed 10th Feb 2010 17:50 UTC
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Technically Opera Mini does not have a rendering engine in the application you install. It receives pre-rendered pages from Opera Mini servers.

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RE: Comment by Creap
by kfet on Thu 11th Feb 2010 10:07 in reply to "Comment by Creap"
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Opera Mini does have a rendering engine, it's just not HTML that it renders, but the compressed Opera Binary Markup Language (OBML -

Which is fine, markup rendering is not exactly executing code.

How they handle JavaScript will be much more important for getting approved, I was under the impression that Opera Mini does have some embedded JavaScript engine.

Edit: reading trough Opera's description of OBML it seems like it requires some limited JavaScript support on the device.. It'd be interesting to see how they'll handle this on the iPhone without getting rejected.

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