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KDE And there we are, the KDE team has released KDE Software Compilation 4.4, formerly known as, well, KDE. Major new features include social networking and online collaboration integration, the new netbook interface, the KAuth authentication framework, and a lot more.
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I've got an semi-old (two years) Acer lap-top, Z96J (I think) dual-booting Windows 7 and Fedora 12. Guess what? Neither the built-in USB web-cam nor the sound card work in Windows 7. Turns out, so far as I can determine, there's just no driver for that hardware for Win7, period, ever. And I had to manually download the driver for the Ati Radion x1800m graphics card. Manual driver installs, and hardware without drivers, period. Do you think that's acceptable in 2010?

By the way, everything was supported out-of-the-box in Fedora, even the web-cam(!).

My point here isn't that "Windows has worse hardware support in Linux." My point is, it's a mixed bag whatever you use: for any OS on any real-world hardware, especially usually-more-exotic laptops, some things just aren't going to work well, and some things won't work at all. It's true on Linux and it's true on Windows. Deal with it.

(Oh, another gripe is that, in order to turn off tap-to-click in Win7, I had to install the third-party Synaptics driver: the basic Win7 touchpad driver didn't have an option to disable tap-to-click, that I could find. So, that's more manual work to resolve hardware driver issues. And now I have the synaptics tray agent running all the damned time -- yes, I know I could disable it, but to do that, I'd have to run MSCONFIG and poke at system internals for two minutes, and that's just so... not 2010. ;) )

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