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Gentoo I've been wanting to try Gentoo for some time, but always had to roll my eyes at the pages and pages of installation instructions. This time, however, I rolled up my sleeves and buckled down. Minutes later, I was on my way.
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by on Thu 6th Oct 2005 06:53 UTC in reply to "Arch"

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I think you hit on something really key here:

"Finding the best blend between control over the OS and work hours invested is hard."

Most of the opinions here (including mine) can be distilled to a "madlib" version of that statement:

"I (like/dislike) the ___ (distro/OS) because it (gave/did not give) MY DESIRED BLEND of ___ and ___."

Try to apply it yourself to some of the comments here. This does not make those opinions "bad" AT ALL. If anything it is a testament to the great number of choices we have thanks to the countless number of talented developers working on the many distros/OSes.

One problem that seems to pop up in these conversations is hostility often generated between users and/or sub-communities by knocking down anything different from our own favorite distro/OS (often subtly). I find this a bit frustrating, as it often breaks down the conversation very, very quickly.

One alternative is to listen well to the reasons why the distro/OS is liked, and how the specific “blend” is achieved. A step further might be to try it out and spend a bit of time in the community, getting to know the tricks of that specific distro/OS. In either case, we end up with more knowledge than we started with. That is unless we "think" that we have nothing to learn ;)

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