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Windows So, after much, much speculation and many, many rumours, Microsoft finally took the wraps off Windows Phone 7 Series, its newest mobile operating system. Hold on to your hats, because uncharacteristically for the Redmond giant, they've rebuilt everything from the ground up - this system has little to no connection to the Windows Mobile of yore. I don't say this lightly - but dear lord, Windows Phone 7 Series is full of win. Update: Hands-on video from Engadget inside. Update II: There is no sync application. It's all done over-the-air, to the internet. Only videos and music are synced via the Zune software. Update III: Since I didn't mention it clearly, here it goes: Windows Phone 7 Series is a clean break. There is no backwards compatibility at all. Update IV: Channel9 has a 22-minute in-depth demonstration of Windows Phone 7 Series.
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Windows Phone 7...... based on a fad?
by thingi on Mon 15th Feb 2010 22:56 UTC
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Social Networking. Lots of people use it. Most get bored of it within a few months. Not that many people go on to be SN junkies and that's what Windows Phone seems to be all about.

First it was myspace, then facebook followed by twitter - how long before the next big thing comes along and makes this whole Social thing look really, really dated? I smell rebellion in the air - people will want their privacy back at some point.

Then theres the fact that SN aggregation isn't a new new idea, Palm started it, then Vodafone extended it via Vodafone360 (which is Windows Phone is very much like).

In summary nothing new to see here really, it's a UI/aggregator built for today instead of tomorrow. Plus I bet the whole 'search context sensitivity' will really piss people off after a while. I can pretty much guarantee that the first page of search will be exactly want you don't want most of time..... The search results you want may only be a swipe or two away but it will drive people crazy during real usage!

A missed opportunity if you ask me.


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kragil Member since:

You are right .. context is bad for search. Search needs to be universal. Just type and maybe help the phone figure out what you meant.(Most of the time it will figure it out without any problems)

WebOS does a lot of things right with their approach to search and multitasking. "Too bad they can't lock people in or use some almost-monopoly to lure people in."

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Why? I'm no SN junkie (I barely check my facebook account, once a month maybe) but honestly I feel alone in this. My gf, brothers, friends and my whole workplace live on facebook and twitter, and I don't see that going away anytime soon. They don't even mail or phone people to ask for parties anymore, it's all facebooked.

It's the right move for a new OS. It may not be a new idea, but it's the right one.

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