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Editorial Recently, a story about people mistaking a news story for the Facebook login page has received considerable media attention. It's currently being seen by many as justification for the recent trend in locking people out of their computers for their own protection - but anyone with even basic mathematical skills and a calculator should come to the conclusion that this story has been blown way out of proportion.
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RE: International users
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 17th Feb 2010 14:59 UTC in reply to "International users"
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Euh, no. "Facebook anmelden" or something wouldn't bring German Facebook users to that news story, now, would it?

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RE[2]: International users
by lezard on Wed 17th Feb 2010 15:17 in reply to "RE: International users"
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That's my point: the French users would never have commented on RWW, so you should take into account only 200 millions of Facebook users and not 400.

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RE[2]: International users
by Heard on Wed 17th Feb 2010 16:40 in reply to "RE: International users"
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I don't know about other countrys, but I'm german and nobody I know would use "anmelden", english words like "login" are very common here regarding websites.

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RE[3]: International users
by kragil on Wed 17th Feb 2010 18:06 in reply to "RE[2]: International users"
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Sure, but would have GERMAN news at the top.

So lezard is right international users wouldn't land on RWW.

And besides: Pulling numbers out of your ass is always tricky.

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