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Editorial Recently, a story about people mistaking a news story for the Facebook login page has received considerable media attention. It's currently being seen by many as justification for the recent trend in locking people out of their computers for their own protection - but anyone with even basic mathematical skills and a calculator should come to the conclusion that this story has been blown way out of proportion.
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Most people don't care how DNS works .. they type facebook login and let Google do its magic and click the first link, because Google used to be always right.

Thing is Google just shouldn't have moved dump news items to the top of the search results.

But still, we still live in the computer stone age. Things will be very different in 10 years.

Edit: I don't believe the 400 million users FB claim. How many of those are spambots and marketing droids?

Why the hell would anyone use Google to log into Facebook? then you log in - why not bookmark it in your favourites or are people adversed to using such easy short cuts?

I've seen my old man do it though; puts in a search query and NEVER checks what the web address actually is; just instantly clicks on the top one. The number of times I've had to tell him, "read the address before clicking on it" is too numerous to remember. If it weren't for MSE installed his computer would be riddled from top to bottom with every sort of worm, trojan and virus known to man.

It isn't ignorance, it is stupidity - plain and simple. They'll claim ignorance because at least with ignorance there is a certain degree of dignity that comes with it but the reality is that they're just stupid and lazy - they know they should investigate before trusting anything but they have this, "can't be bothered, its someone else's problem' attitude - and they wonder why their account is emptied 2 days after giving their account details to the nice Nigerian man promising millions.

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