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Apple In case you've been living under a rock: Apple isn't particularly keen on Flash. They can't control it, and the company claims it's the number one cause of crashes on Mac OS X. Now that Steve Jobs is busy promoting the iPad to content providers, he's also on the offensive against Flash.
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Yea.. um Vista.... lolz

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Yes, Windows 7 is a good descendant of Vista.

MacOSX is a good descendant of the primitive MacOS.

Actually, almost all the software start being bloated, slow, buggy... but the best software evolves to brilliant products (including Java or .NET platforms).

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Huh? MacOS Classic and MacOSX have very very little in common, they are not even related.

Crappy technologies should not be allowed to mature and become "better" because if they are force fed, they tend to overshadow and displace much better alternatives which are far more functional from day 1, but are unfortunate to be backed by a small company without the market inertia of Adobe for example.

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