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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While it's been a low-level grumbling for years, the issue of Flash on mobile devices (and particularly the iPhone/Touch/iPad ecosystem) has reached fever pitch over the past few weeks, with Steve Jobs as self-appointed Flash basher-in-Chief. The OSNews crowd, that is, dyed-in-the-wool technologists have, by and large, not been big fans of Flash, with its spotty availability and performance on alternative platforms, resource hogging, and instability. And though it's quite useful for web video and other specialized interfaces, it drives the tech savvy crazy when it's used for utterly superfluous multimedia bling. So we've had a lively discussion of the pros and cons of Flash, and whether device users should be free to make their own decision about whether it's worthy to install on their iPads. But we're leaving out an important detail. As Daniel Eran Dilger, a Flash developer, points out, almost all the important existing Flash infrastructure won't work anyway. Update: A worthwhile rebuttal to this point of view.
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That was refreshing
by kaelodest on Tue 23rd Feb 2010 02:07 UTC
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It is not because I am rabidly Mac ( I cut my teeth in Codewarrior andMPW) but because I spend a chunk of time in my debugger and also tutor youth in how to program. This is just a context, the real rub is when I explain that I am programmer people automatically assume *web* or Flash, and I _DO_ consider that to be real programming, just different. It is just that even the simplest task in C/ObjC/Cocoa can take days or seeks and in flash it might take a day. Think about a game like choplifter or lunar lander or asteroids. I wrote each of these in a week. I do not want to revisit ANY of my 2001/2002 code.
OTOH I like the idea of HTML5/CSS and

When I was young the web was different and you needed a plug in b/c windows could not handle a .mov/.mpg/.flv/.rp But now the OS can should we now invent NEW incompatibilities to patch when we have the chance to teach a new generation to get it right on the first build?

The world I _live_ in is vitally different than the world I work in And I sure as hell will not teach my kids hell (enterprise) when I can teach them heaven (userspace)

Almost all of the corporate apps that I bang on are fixinign the bugs that someone else offshore introduced to fix the other bugs of another offshore programmer. And this story speaks well to the facts that many of these flash programmers were 'double-Sub-Contractors' that are long gone and the APP still makes money And if you ask me and/or pay me in gold+strippers+vacation time I will not fix that spaghetti furball of code

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