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BeOS & Derivatives What's that you say? You made a New Year's resolution but haven't kept it? You vowed to sharpen your programming skills, write a cool application, AND use cutting edge operating system technology? Look no further, you have come to the right place. This article will get you started writing applications for Haiku, the open source version of the advanced BeOS operating system.
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...when I ran BeOS... but I did contribute (I think it was ruby) a module to Pe ages ago. I also wrote an awesome website in Python, using the native db-file system for "blogging" back then... just drop an article into a folder and it became part of the site... and could also receive comments, again, written to the file system... it was neat to me anyway, back then.

BFS was so much fun! And I wish web servers could still be as simple as PoorMan was. ;) I actually used another web server for more complex stuff... it began with an X I believe, but I forget the name. It may still be around today on Windows.

Does BeShare still have regulars on there? You used to be able to find all kinds of goodies.

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LOL! Found one of my posts on BeBits looking for the "how to" for creating add ons for PE. Someone pointed me to some docs/example code and I was good from there:


How do you create...

By tuishimi - Posted on February 20, 2004 - 23:11:42 (#11162)
Current version when comment was posted: Nightly syntax files?


...oh and check it out! My old account still works! ;)


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