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Apple Appleinsider is reporting that developers who have received Apple's developer-only Intel Macs are very pleased with the performance of Mac OS X on them. Some even claim that they are faster than high-end dual G5s. Developers also report that Apple's Rosetta technology, which allows Intel Macs to run PowerPC software, is fast and seamless.
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by suryad on Thu 14th Jul 2005 08:43 UTC
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I think the PPC and most Mac users had an elitist attitude...just wait and see the benchmark numbers on the Intel platform that are going to blow away anything that OS X was producing on the PPC platform. I hope MS ports DirectX to Mac so we can have some great gameage as well besides all the choice software that is already available for the Mac. Then it would truly become a wholesome software...a bit of everything!

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by fsck on Thu 14th Jul 2005 12:16 in reply to "personally..."
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I'd much rather see more use of opengl in games it's fast, portable(any os can use opengl) and you wouldn't have to use some botched port of a microsoft "standard" that could be pulled at any time. We should be seeing more use of OpenAL(which creative, a company I rarely praise, is pushing) soon as MS is pulling directsound from the next version of direct x (released with longhorn).

Don't be fooled by microsoft porting word to intel macs they'll be watching apple more closely now. Apple may be no threat now but XP is getting very old now and longhorn beta 1 has been pushed back until the end of this month. MS is taking a huge gamble with longhorn It's much safer to have constantly updating releases that slowly improve than huge leaps years apart that open whole new exploits and risks of massive failure.

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