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Apple Now that Apple has unveiled the iPad, people are wondering what the future holds for the iPhone OS platform and the concepts behind it. The iPad comes scarily close to being an actual computer in the more classical sense of the word, and a recent Apple job posting seems to indicated the Cupertino giant is interested in further moving the iPhone OS up the ladder. We ask you: would you be put off or excited about the iPhone OS' restrictive model moving up the stack?
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RE: Just don't
by elektrik on Tue 23rd Feb 2010 22:15 UTC in reply to "Just don't"
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Don't bash Apple on theoretical speculation and don't lock yourself in if you don't want to get locked in.

Since when is voting "yes" or "no" on a hypothetical bashing?

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RE[2]: Just don't
by Chaos_One on Wed 24th Feb 2010 10:15 in reply to "RE: Just don't"
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It's not just a yes or no question. It's a job offering from Apple, for who know what they're planning, brought here to us by Thom, who presents it as a "OSNews asking thing, embedding his Apple hatred in the text. He could have said "Who would like an easy to use laptop", or even better kept it neutral with "An iPhone OS laptop".

The answer is pretty simple now, most sane people would answer no to this question. But what are we talking about? A laptop running the iPhone OS? There is no such thing, not in real life, not announced, not even as a rumor. And if there would be one, just don't buy it if you don't like it.

I'd also like to say something about the "restrictive" iPhone (OS). It's a bloody consumer device. I have loads of consumer stuff at home and most don't have a SDK or allow me to install loads of stuff, unlike my iPhone. I don't complain about that, just like I don't complain that the OSNews site is "restrictive" because I can't wipe the user database and upload my own or change the ads.

My Macs are made by Apple too, yet they're not "restricted" like the iPhone is, because it wouldn't make sense.

Should Apple come with some sort of laptop running some kind of iPhone OS flavor there might be a market for it. If you don't like it, buy a Dell with Windows or install Linux.

Thom keeps suggesting the world is taken over and then destroyed by Apple and somehow we are all forced to use Apple products.

This is just not true. I can ditch my iMac anytime and switch to Linux or put the SIM card of my iPhone in another phone. There are plenty of other options you can chose from.

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RE[3]: Just don't
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 24th Feb 2010 10:37 in reply to "RE[2]: Just don't"
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Truth hurts, no?

The question is simple: would you buy a laptop with an OS as locked down and restrictive as the iPhone OS? This is a perfectly valid question, and is perfectly in line with how Apple and its fans present the iPhone. The restrictiveness of the iPhone is marketed as a selling point by Apple, so why, when *I* use it, I'm suddenly being anti-Apple? Does this imply Apple is anti-Apple for using the exact same selling point?

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RE[2]: Just don't
by BallmerKnowsBest on Wed 24th Feb 2010 16:45 in reply to "RE: Just don't"
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Since when is voting "yes" or "no" on a hypothetical bashing?

Only when it's applied to a company whose fans are mostly pseudo-intellectuals hipsters with serious delusions of persecution. Those martyrdom complexes don't feed themselves, you know.

Apple fanboys are so intellectually-insecure that they are simply incapable of recognizing that there are valid reasons to criticize Apple and their products. No, to them, anyone who criticizes Apple must be "embedding his Apple hatred in the text."

These are people who are so completely removed from reality that they will actually compare mockery of Mac users to racism or even the holocaust.

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