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Windows "Back in November, we officially announced a new Windows product called Windows MultiPoint Server 2010. Today we are launching Windows MultiPoint Server around the world. Windows MultiPoint Server is available for purchase through OEMs and Microsoft Academic Volume Licensing customers on March 1, for schools and educational institutions (mainly for use in classrooms, labs and libraries)."
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RE: Aha
by ElCabri2 on Wed 24th Feb 2010 22:58 UTC in reply to "Aha"
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This has nothing to do with thin client. This is multi-monitor, multiple keyboards and mice connected to a single PC, with a separate session run on each monitor. No networking, no client configuration, etc. Much simpler. I think that's a great idea.

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RE[2]: Aha
by abraxas on Wed 24th Feb 2010 23:55 in reply to "RE: Aha"
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RE[2]: Aha
by lemur2 on Thu 25th Feb 2010 13:33 in reply to "RE: Aha"
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It may or may not be a good idea, but one thing it certainly isn't is an original idea.

Much like Windows MultiPoint, Userful virtual desktops allow up to 10 students to simultaneously and independently share a single PC, each with their own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Userful also supports many of the same USB multiseat devices as Windows MultiPoint, making it easy to turn one computer into many. Unlike Windows MultiPoint which will require users to purchase a Windows Server license and a separate client access license (CAL) per seat, Userful's solution uses free Linux for the server, reducing the cost to just $69 per seat.

Microsoft Multipoint is 7 years late to this market, 750,000 seats behind the competition, and the competition's price is just $69 per seat.

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