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BeOS & Derivatives This is news that makes me very, very happy. Stephan "stippi" Assmus has written a lengthy blog post detailing the progress made on Haiku's WebKit port, and they're quite far along. Thanks to the help of several community members, the test browser, enticingly named (euh...) HaikuLauncher, is already relatively stable, supports tabbed browsing, and a whole lot more.
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Support WebKit development
by Humdinger on Thu 25th Feb 2010 10:43 UTC
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It should be pointed out that WebKit and browser development can be supported by donating to Stippi's contractual work on it (see ). Imagining 160 hours of fulltime attention to the browser gives me goose bumps. ;)

WRT to the name, let me introduce you to the all-time favourite thread:
People really seem to put much concern in a name...

Humdinger (who wrote this with HaikuLauncher. Yay!)

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