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Windows All good things come to an end, eventually, and operating systems are no different. Microsoft has reminded the public that support for several Windows versions will end over the coming months, which could likely have significant consequences if you or your company are still running these Windows versions.
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Beside third party firewall like Zone Alarm.

You can get spybot search and destroy, which is better than Window Defender.

Install Avast anti-virus and you are safe from most malwares.

My WIN 2000 machine with 512 MB RAM is faster than my WIN XP with 2GB RAM.

The best part is you can reformat and re-install your system without the need to call MS to activate your Windows.
The best part is many of my old computer games can run in WIN 2000.

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There are free anti-virus programs? Really? Do you really think I know about Data Execution Prevention but not Avast?

Windows defender is just another free security benefit that comes with more modern versions of Windows. No anti-virus scanner catches everything so you might as well let defender scan once in a while as an additional precaution.

The basic fact remains that running Windows 2000 is a much greater security risk than Vista or 7. We saw this recently with the Google hack. There are third party tools that can increase the security of Windows 2000 but not to the level of Vista or 7.

As for activation you can reformat and reinstall Vista or 7 without having to call MS. Re-activation is only required when you make major hardware changes.

Using 2K in a VM for a single application is ok but I really don't think anyone should use it as their main system. You can pay $50 on ebay for a vista basic upgrade which gives you a significant boost in security. With Win2k losing support it is really time to let it go.

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