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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Well, this is a welcome surprise for those of us waiting for Ubuntu 10.04, the Lucid Lynx. Several users are reporting that their iPod Touches and iPhones (including the 3GS) work in alpha 3 - without tweaking, without jailbreaking, without patching - with Nautilus and Rythmbox.
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Comment by AnythingButVista
by AnythingButVista on Mon 1st Mar 2010 17:46 UTC
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How long 'til Apple releases a "software update" that blocks their iDevices from working in Ubuntu?

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They already have... iPhone OS 3.x isn't supported.

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I don't know about lucid alpha 3, but I have my iPhone 3gs running iPhone OS 3.1.3 and not jailbroken working in Ubuntu Karmic, and it really didn't take much to get it going either. That being said, the usual caveats of Apple devices without iTunes apply of course. No software updates, certain filetypes won't transfer (gtkpod still doesn't support the transfer of video nor audiobooks properly). Still, that's nothing to do with iPhone OS 3 and everything to do with where gtkpod concentrated their focus.

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They already have... iPhone OS 3.x isn't supported.

N0pe. Not true. iPod touch, 32GB, iPhone OS 3.1.3, Ubuntu 10.04 with updates as of today. I just connected it to my Ubuntu box and it works with rythmbox without any trouble.

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