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Gnome GNOME hacker Seth Nickell has written a lengthy PDF and accompanying blog post with a number of very interesting ideas for GNOME 3.0. I pondered putting this up on the front page, but since that usually only attracts the "It's not what I'm used to so it sucks"-crowd, I decided to put it up here. Be sure to read the blog post, the PDF, and the comments on the blog post to get the entire picture.
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I'm also aware that Qt is leagues ahead of GTK

Leagues ahead in what respect exactly?

Cross development support, object oriented design, documentation, toolkit features, mobile development, ide integration.

Most developers develop to scratch an itch: if the itch is to code GTK+ apps then it doesn't matter no matter what DE major distros use.

The itch is rarely to create a GTK app for the sake of it. The more common reason is to solve a problem through software. Qt is the better toolkit for software development. The problem is that GTK apps integrate better with GNOME. Thus GTK is too often chosen for the wrong reasons. Ideally a toolkit should be chosen entirely on technical proficiency, not because a desktop environment favors one toolkit over another.

They'll still code for GTK+. KDE4 doesn't suit everyone and many people even very much dislike it altogether, and as such there'll always be use for other DEs and other toolkits.

I'm not saying GTK or GNome will disappear anytime soon. But I do believe that Qt and KDE are favored in the long term by having better development tools that will continue to improve at a much faster rate than GTK. This isn't just about Linux, I expect more FOSS developers from OSX especially to start using Qt without any care for Gnome users. Qt will gain support from mobile developers as well.

The Gnome userbase hasn't expanded fast enough to ensure healthy support for GTK. Gnome 3 isn't going to help any.

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