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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Mozilla, faced with new competitive pressures, has begun work on three separate, significant changes to Firefox. First is a new JavaScript engine that - with a transfusion from the project behind Apple's Safari - should run Web-based programs at least 30 percent faster. Second is a new graphics engine for Windows that will take advantage of hardware acceleration for graphics and text. And third is a programming tool to help bring to fruition a new system for Firefox add-ons."
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Hey, Mozilla people! How about developing a browser that doesn't suck on Linux and MacOS?

Firefox is great on memory usage. Their memory manager is great. But if you're running on battery on anything other than Windows, Firefox is just way too much of a resource hog. Not only does it use excessive CPU time for nothing (it does a lot of polling), but it actively prevents a computer from going to sleep if you leave it idle. This bug has been in the database for YEARS with no resolution.

On my MacBook Pro, I had to switch back to Safari just so that I could set my notebook down and walk away and come back and not find the battery drained to zero.

Unfortunately I've experienced the same thing but I do think that Firefox is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to software being ported to Mac OS X (and Linux) that is of half-assed quality. This is one of the things that is pushing me away from Mac to Windows 7 - having to tolerate the half baked work being done by such organisations then having the gaul to blame Apple, Microsoft or 'prejudice' when they fail to make headway on that particular platform.

Mozilla has the audacity to complain about Microsoft to the EU but when it comes to actually providing a viable piece of software on alternative platforms they seem to ignore them. It took firefox until 3.0 for them to finally do something about the ugly XUL widgets they used for forms, it took them to 3.6 to finally fix up a good amount of the leaks within Firefox (no, they are leaks, not features or 'optimisations' as Mozilla developers claimed), and it'll be at least 4.0 by the time we see at least very rudimentary plugin isolation let alone tab isolation.

It is time for Mozilla to get its act together because at the rate they're progressing they'll find Internet Explorer 9 will overtake them by the time it is released!

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Tab isolation will come in a 3.6.* feature update, the beta version is buried in, it does actually work. But just as the Qt port to bring better cross plateform support, it's not going really fast.

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Tab isolation will come in a 3.6.* feature update

Actually, no. Only out of process plug-ins are planned to be introduced in one of the minor updates. True process isolation will probably be released with the next major version of Firefox.

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