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SkyOS Over the past couple of months, I've been getting a number of emails asking me about SkyOS' status. Since I didn't know anything beyond what's on the SkyOS website, and because, well, I have no affiliation with SkyOS, I couldn't really reply to these emails. However, after yet another email sent to me late last week, I decided to simply... Email Robert Szeleney, the man behind the project.
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by nt_jerkface on Wed 3rd Mar 2010 05:13 UTC in reply to "No GPL"
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It wasn't just the networking stack.

There were red flags when he would quickly add features that.....what do you know, other posix monokernels had. These features were often claimed to written from scratch, like the USB stack:

For a lot of those features it doesn't even make sense to write them from scratch when you can use BSD code. But I suspected then as I do now that he wanted as much glory as possible so he used BSD code and lied about it being from scratch.

But check out this comment from Darkness in that thread who just recently posted that I don't know Robert:

There is a lot of crappy software out there where you have to pay more than 30$ to get a full version.
30$ is really no big deal, spend a good night out in a club and you could loose even more.

You are obviously not someone who would even be willing to donate to some project just because you like it or you want to support the developper(s).

and yes, he is the only one doing core developper. The payed beta program is one reason for him not to loose interest in it.

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