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Legal In a statement released today, Apple announced it is suing HTC, claiming the Taiwanese phone maker infringed upon 20 of Cupertino's patents related to the iPhone. After Nokia and Apple suing one another a number of times over the past couple of months, this is the next high-profile patent lawsuit in the mobile phones business. Engadget has the filings, and it seems that Apple wants to avoid angering Microsoft, but has no qualms about taking on Google. Update: Engadget analyses every single patent in the claim.
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The U.S. patent system isn't crap. A ton of innovation has come from it.

The problem is that software patents are given out too easily. User interface patents should probably be dropped or at least expire quicker.

Complex algorithm patents like MP3 make sense but not something like scroll behavior.

But with that said I think this is pretty low of Apple. HTC can't replicate the app store so it isn't as if Apple's profits are really being threatened. This is just lame. Coke does just fine with knock-offs on the market, so can Apple.

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