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SkyOS Over the past couple of months, I've been getting a number of emails asking me about SkyOS' status. Since I didn't know anything beyond what's on the SkyOS website, and because, well, I have no affiliation with SkyOS, I couldn't really reply to these emails. However, after yet another email sent to me late last week, I decided to simply... Email Robert Szeleney, the man behind the project.
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RE[2]: open source?
by dexter11 on Wed 3rd Mar 2010 11:20 UTC in reply to "RE: open source?"
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SkyOS is known for being in a perpetual state of unfinishedness. Open sourcing it would make it even more so.
That's just wrong. Just because a software is open sourced it doesn't make it bad. Bad development does. Or no development like in this case.

Apologies for being a troll, but I do not feel that open sourcing it is necessarily the solution. It’s his project and I’d rather hear it directly from him where he wants it to go.

Then what's your solution? Because I see none. This project is dead regardless what Szeleney says. And nothing will bring it back to life IMO not even open sourcing it. He's sitting on the code for far too long. According to this forum post<a/> he's sitting on it for 4 years. One would think that it's pretty obvious by now that nobody wants to buy it.

Actually open sourcing would be at least a graceful death. At least let other projects use what they can from SkyOS code if he dosn't do anything with it.

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