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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical has unveiled a complete branding overhaul, redesigning everything from the Ubuntu website to its logos and marketing material. However, what interests me more are the new Gtk+ themes, and even then, I'm not interested in the colour choices and the like. No - what stood out to me right away was not the theme itself - but the placement of the titlebar widgets.
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RE: Not bad at all!
by kragil on Wed 3rd Mar 2010 21:12 UTC in reply to "Not bad at all!"
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It certainly looks a lot better than the old one .. but I don't like the title bar. Other non-GTK themed apps will look very strange with this theme and the close button needs to be on the corner.

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RE[2]: Not bad at all!
by DataPath on Wed 3rd Mar 2010 21:48 in reply to "RE: Not bad at all!"
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I don't think it's GTK that themes them - it's the X window manager in GNOME - Metacity - that's doing it. Which means that any normal X program should get decorated that way.

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RE[3]: Not bad at all!
by Elv13 on Wed 3rd Mar 2010 23:34 in reply to "RE[2]: Not bad at all!"
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The menu is not themed by metacity, but GTK, so, yes, it will look strange for non gnome apps

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