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Legal Today's "the day after". The day after Apple started a patent war with HTC and Google. Today, we have statements from both HTC and Google, and a number of other people have weighed in as well as to the possible ramifications of Apple's lawsuit.
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RE[2]: Bilski...
by izomiac on Wed 3rd Mar 2010 22:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Bilski..."
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With open hardware you can do anything that your hardware is capable of, and thus it makes more sense to advertise specifications. Otherwise all advertisements would be saying the same thing (e.g. a PC for browsing the internet, checking e-mail, etc. VS XX processor, YY MB RAM, and ZZ video card).

With closed hardware you can only do what the manufacturer allows you to, so it makes more sense to focus on those few things. OTOH, I'd imagine that advertising features is more effective overall since they're easier to relate to.

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