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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical has unveiled a complete branding overhaul, redesigning everything from the Ubuntu website to its logos and marketing material. However, what interests me more are the new Gtk+ themes, and even then, I'm not interested in the colour choices and the like. No - what stood out to me right away was not the theme itself - but the placement of the titlebar widgets.
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I can't believe poeple like this.
by shawnjgoff on Thu 4th Mar 2010 03:05 UTC
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This is obviously something that was thrown together in a few hours without any thought. Here are immediately obvious problems:
The wrong (yes, flat-out wrong) order of the titlebar widgets.
The hodge-podge of colors thrown together - the white window color, but slightly off-white titlebar and menu; the quite purple-tinted tooltip and wallpaper, but much bluer highlights and shadows on the buttons and highlighted items.
The tango icons that don't match with anything but the strange off-white titlebar.
The horrible simple non-nuanced gradient in the trough behind the titlebar widgets.
The "x" icon (the one on the active window) stolen from a completely different icon set than anything else on the screen.

This theme makes it look like the designer was supposed to be working on it a while, but was actually sleeping on the job, and when it suddenly came time to turn something in, he stayed up the night before throwning something together.

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Same for me, I don't think it looks professional.

Also, I don't like the new logo too much. It's okay, but the old one stood out more from the crowd. And apart from that, redesigning a logo is a very touchy decision in general.

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