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Internet Explorer "With the latest releases of Opera, Google Chrome and Firefox continuing to push the boundaries of the web, the once-dominant Internet Explorer is looking less and less relevant every day. But we should expect Microsoft to go on the offensive at its upcoming MIX 2010 developer conference in Las Vegas, where, it has been speculated, the company will demonstrate the first beta builds of Internet Explorer 9 and possibly offer a preview release of the browser to developers. Several clues point to the possibility that the next version of IE will include broad support for HTML5 elements, vector graphics and emerging CSS standards. If Microsoft plays its cards right in Vegas, IE 9 could be the release that helps IE get its groove back in the web browser game."
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RE: Trident engine
by Karitku on Thu 4th Mar 2010 08:58 UTC in reply to "Trident engine"
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I am wondering how long MS can use the Trident engine that powers IE before running into enough technical limitations that they need a clean break or MASSIVE refactoring and change. It looks like IE 9 is going to be more evolutionary than revolutionary, makes me wonder if 10 is going to be their "let's start over" release.

Sigh always this same "restart" bullshit. Should Linux kernel be restarted, I mean it's based on 40 year old technic! Didn't we have this same conversation over Windows couple of years ago?!? It's pointless, stuff will be rewritten eventually if product is updated. Some products have gone transformation from VB6 to .NET and yet they never were rewritten from scratch, yet they hardly have any original code left.

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