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Apple Back in late January, Apple unveiled its iPad (in case you missed it), an iPhone OS-powered tablet device which it said would ship later this year. Well, the Cupertino company is holding true to its promise, and has unveiled the pre-order and shipping dates of the iPad.
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I'm going to hold off until the second gen comes around. It's a good amount of money to spend on it, and I think it'll be worth the wait to hopefully get double the capacity and a new feature here or there for the same price as paying for it now.

I'm mostly looking to use it as a digital music book.. I've got hundreds of PDF documents of sheet music and chord charts that I use/refer to all the time as a musician. To be able to sit this on a stand and flip through pages and search for songs anywhere I am.... totally worth the money right there (and to have audio files as well so I can hear the song as I'm looking at it.... )

Everything else it does is just icing on my cake!

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Yes in every market there is reason. If you don't want it or need it then do not buy it, and if -otoh- you have a real need, Not a 'vanity/desire' equation then YOUR market needs are satisfied.

I like to read and have thousands of books, that i would just as soon replace with something that I can index. Ten years ago pundits (who worked largely for newspapers etc) were complaining that people would never use computers to read books because of cost and difficulties in the implementation (all the greazy wheels of Big Publishing). And now I can see very little reason to kill a tree to make a book.

Yes I will get one. No not the first generation and no not as my primary unit. Apple Makes Computers and Apple Makes Gadgets. In the same way that a book about Linux is not a Computer I do not think the iPad is a computer. (By definition:Yes in practice No)

A computer is for production work (and might have a real KB) and a Gadget is for media consumption (Music/Video/Web-Print) and might not -need- a KB.

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this is exactly the main reason i want one, too!
and i am sure there will be tab/sheet editor soon enough to scribble down some chord progressions and riffs.

altough i am looking at alternatives, most notably the">NotionInk

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