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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical has unveiled a complete branding overhaul, redesigning everything from the Ubuntu website to its logos and marketing material. However, what interests me more are the new Gtk+ themes, and even then, I'm not interested in the colour choices and the like. No - what stood out to me right away was not the theme itself - but the placement of the titlebar widgets.
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by irbis on Sat 6th Mar 2010 21:31 UTC
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First of all, people tend to pay all too much attention to such surficial things like colouring of theming. Those things can be easily changed by anyone reading a forum like this.

As to the new looks, I get the feeling that it looks rather mediocre still, unfinished and even confusing in many ways. The colouring might still need some improvement too in order to look more coherent. Now it still looks like a mix of old and new. Also the contrasts between the darker and lighter elements in the darker version of the default theme may look too strong, IMHO. But, anyway, like I said above, colouring is a minor thing and easily changed.

Much more problematic is the new window manager button ordering in the screenshots - like already pointed by many other commentators above. Actually I find it hard to believe that the final Ubuntu 10.04 could really use something so non-standard and odd as the default Metacity button ordering?

Placing the window manager buttons in the upper left corner of the window, like Mac OS X does, works from the point of view of minimizing the amount of mouse movements (menus, buttons, screen top panel). But if you want to go the Mac way, do it fully then and at least place the close button in the corner. In every window manager that I know, the closing button is placed in the window corner. Probably most people will find the setting shown in the screenshots quite odd indeed.

Also, it would probably save many Ubuntu users from frustration to keep the old Human themes around as legacy options too. Despite all the complaints, many people, me included, have found the Human themes quite nice too. Compared to the Ubuntu 09.10 default Human looks the new proposed 10.04 theming shown in the screenshots looks quite unfinished still.

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