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Microsoft Up until only a few weeks ago, I had little, very little faith in Microsoft ever doing anything serious with its spectacular Courier tablet-book-thing-whatever concept. However, this thing happened, and this thing is called Windows Phone 7 Series - it showed that Microsoft is willing to take risks, willing to introduce something new and fresh. As such, colour me intrigued about rumours from Engadget concerning the Courier actually being real - accompanied by a boatload of screenshots and concept videos.
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RE[6]: Definitely Want
by Neolander on Mon 8th Mar 2010 21:13 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Definitely Want"
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"Your ideological differences with Apple's retail approach were never going to be appeased by a new product. What did you expect?"

I think this "What did you expect?" feels somewhat wrong.

Is it wrong to expect innovation and changes ? Microsoft themselves, the most monopolistic and hated company in the world, have taken some risks and introduced welcome innovation recently...

-Windows 7 : More polish, less bloat than previous release (unique in Windows history), a little less annoying popups, innovations around the dock concept (that didn't change much since OS X 10.0)... It's still a stupid Microsoft OS, but it feels like a step in the good direction, and a big step.
-Windows phone 7 : After years of trying to manage compatibility for Windows 1 in the successive Windows releases with no luck, Microsoft *finally* accept that breaking compatibility is sometimes needed for the sake of stability, cleanness, and innovation
-Ribbons : It's sure not perfect, but feels more appealing to me than the huge toolbars of older releases of Office and of OpenOffice ! And again, they've taken a risk, and assume the criticism they take

Sure, they still have some nasty things around, that help keeping the Microsoft name hated, like IE, OoXML, Silverlight, C#/.Net, and so on. But they're moving forward, and they're actually doing some things right.

Where are Apple now ? Leopard was hugely bloated and inefficient in places (TimeMachine&Firewall config, inconsistent behavior in Stacks, unreadable light on 3D dock, anyone ?). SnowLeopard is like Windows 7 after Windows Vista. It looks like Apple are cloning microsoft now, when Microsoft introduce a bloated OS, they introduce a bloated OS, when Microsoft introduce a cleaner one, they introduce a cleaner one.

Is innovation from Apple on the handheld market ? Well, the iPods still require iTunes, the Shuffle is still incredibly overpriced, and all in all the nano is just a mini with some games, basic video support requiring re-encoding, and flash memory on the inside.

The iPhone came in 2006, with a pretty multitouch interface, app store stolen from UNIX repositories and dumbed down for jailing purposes, and, well, an excellent web browser. It lacked a lot of basic phone features. The new release fixed that, but where's innovation again in those releases ? In the 320x240 screen and 1 day battery life ? Duh...

And then there's the iPad. They got a chance to give some life to the tablet market, and they made an oversized iPod touch with the same old crappy iPhoneOS, just with some tweaks here and there that were the bare minimum with the screen size change. Is that fine ?

Courier looks like real innovation to me. It may be crappy and fail, but it is an attempt at the task of doing something new in the tablet world. Apple do nothing nowadays, they've got income so they just sleep on there pile of gold. And introduce some multitouch device with 1 day battery life.

"Thank you for making Safari Mobile, Apple, it was a really big thing. But now it's time to move on. To surprise your users instead of jailing them." This is how I feel about Apple.

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RE[7]: Definitely Want
by Chicken Blood on Tue 9th Mar 2010 05:29 in reply to "RE[6]: Definitely Want"
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I think this "What did you expect?" feels somewhat wrong.

I'm not sure how it's "wrong". I'm just being realistic.

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